Serving Endless Possibilities

With multiple concepts under one roof, the International Trade Centre is committed to providing the best restaurants and bars in Richmond, BC.

Whether you’re craving a fine Mediterranean dining experience, a quick and delicious lunch or a classic cocktail with a view, Versante Hotel has the perfect venue for you.

At Richmond BC’s exciting new restaurant, Bruno at Versante Hotel, a meal is more than food, it’s a journey with friends. One just happens to be a brilliant chef, sommelier and bartender.

Bruno offers a refined approach to Mediterranean cuisine with classics like antipasto, lamb, seafood and grilled vegetables, all made with local, sustainable ingredients and artfully presented on tableside carts, family-style and on sharing towers.

Add colourful spritzes, a wine menu with a heavy Italian accent, and a one-of-a-kind Amaro bar, and you’re all set for a culinary adventure across the Mediterranean.

Open for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. Private dining room available. Reserve ahead.

Perched on the 12th floor of Versante Hotel with a large balcony and sweeping views, Alaïa offers an elevated lounge and event experience like no other in Richmond, BC.

Borrowing its name from the Arabic word meaning joyful or sublime, Alaïa is dressed for a night on the town in a sophisticated palette of black and white.
Ideal for a gathering with friends, a romantic rendezvous or a private event.

Morning, noon or night, Versante Bar is here to satisfy your whims and cravings.

By morning, it’s a vibrant breakfast café with all the usual favourites, including grab & go items and fresh-baked pastries. By day, it’s an intimate lunch spot for people short on time but uncompromising in tastes.
And by evening, the space seamlessly transforms into a sophisticated lounge featuring small plates and modern classic cocktails.

At any time of day, you’ll find us in the lobby of Richmond BC’s dazzling new Versante Hotel.

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