COVID-19 Safety Protocols & Safety Plan

The safety and wellbeing of our guests, employees and visitors is a top priority at Versante Hotel. We are taking a number of actions to enhance our already high standards of health and cleanliness so that people will feel safe, comfortable and well taken care of when visiting our property.

• Individuals must maintain a distance of six feet between each other.
• A face mask must be worn by all guests, employees and visitors in all public areas at all times.
• Temperature readings will be taken for all guests, employees and visitors upon arrival.
• In areas where guests may be required to queue, visible markers will be in place to ensure proper social distancing. The following areas may be impacted: check-in, check-out, elevator, dining outlets, swimming pool, fitness center and the main hotel entrance.

Hand-sanitizer stations will be placed in high-traffic public areas of the hotel so that guests may use them at their convenience. They will be also be placed throughout the heart-of-house as well as in each department.

High-touch areas throughout the front-of-house and heart-of-house will be cleaned on an hourly basis with verification via a checklist. Front-of-house high touch areas include, but are not limited to, the hotel entrance/exit, door handles, elevator buttons, bell carts, counters, table tops, public area furniture, meeting room doors, lounge areas, restrooms, host stands, dining outlets, telephones, card swipes, room keys and pens.

Front-of-house signage advising guests and visitors of social distancing protocols, hygiene recommendations, sanitation guidelines and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) will be visible throughout the hotel. The heart-of-house will have signage regarding hand sanitation, physical distancing requirements, PPE usage and timely information regarding relevant COVID-19 protocols.

Versante Hotel will use cleaning products that meet FDA and EPA approval. These products are approved for use against viruses and bacteria—effectively killing 99.9% of such germs. Versante Hotel will use an Electrostatic Sprayer to disinfect guestrooms and public areas each day, and meeting rooms after each use.

6) PPE
Personal protective equipment such as face masks and shields, gowns and gloves will be used by pertinent departments (front services, culinary, banquets, stewarding, housekeeping and engineering) in the hotel. Standard operation procedures will be updated on an ongoing basis to be in alignment with BC Ministry of Health guidelines. A PPE kit will be provided to guests upon arrival, including face mask, hand sanitizer and sanitize wipes.

Employees are encouraged to take their temperature at home on a daily basis and are required to remain at home if they feel sick or develop a fever. Departmental managers and division heads will monitor the visible health of colleagues during daily line-ups and advise the General Manager if action needs to be taken.

In the event an employee becomes sick on property, they will be asked to leave the hotel immediately and advised to seek medical attention. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, a doctor’s note releasing them from care must be presented upon the employee’s return to work.

In order to further protect the health of employees and guests, all visitors to the hotel (including employees, guests, third-party vendors, etc.) will be required to have their temperature measured upon arrival. If the temperature reading exceeds 38.1°C, the person will be required to leave the premises immediately and advised to call for medical assistance. Guests who test positive for a fever will be unable to check-in or use the hotel’s services.

The hotel’s leadership team will provide colleagues with instructions in handwashing techniques, the proper way to put on, take off and dispose of PPE, how to sanitize high-touch areas, and other safety protocols. This information will be reiterated by departmental supervisors and managers in daily pre-shift meetings. Third-party vendors will be hired to provide user training for specialized materials and equipment. Hotel department heads will ensure proper protocols are followed.


Hotel Arrival
Upon a guest’s arrival at the hotel, the door attendant will open the vehicle door, remove the luggage from the car (with the guest’s permission) and escort the guest through the hotel entrance. Door attendants will wash or sanitize their hands after each guest interaction.

Front Desk
Lobby areas will be cleaned twice a day. Guests will be encouraged to use mobile check-in and express check-out services; however, traditional check-out will be available at the front desk. Hotel staff will manage the flow of guests at check-in to ensure physical distancing parameters are followed.

During the check-in process, the number of guestroom occupants will be verified to ensure all occupants are wearing a face mask. Versante Hotel currently has a “no visitor” policy; only registered guests are allowed in guestrooms as a COVID-19 pre-caution. Daily housekeeping and turndown service preferences will be confirmed with the guest at check-in. After the check-in process is complete, the front desk agent will sanitize all touch points in preparation for the next guest.

A room sanitizing kit will be available upon request in housekeeping for guests who prefer that no one enter their room during their stay. Reusable collateral and magazine publications will not be placed in guestrooms. The hotel directory, room service menus and restaurant menus will be available to view on the in-room television.

Individual plastic bags will be provided for guests to store used linen and waste. Guests will be asked to tie the laundry and waste bag shut and leave it outside their door for collection. At check-in the guest will be advised of scheduled linen and garbage collection times.

To allow adequate air exchange, housekeeping staff must wait 3 hours or longer after the guest departs before entering the room. Linen will be bagged and deposited in the laundry bin in a secure heart-of-house area, and a housekeeping attendant will clean the room. Once the room has been cleaned and inspected, the room will be sanitized using an Electrostatic Sprayer and a seal will be placed on the door to remind staff not to enter the room prior the next guest’s arrival.

If hotel staff learn that a guestroom has been occupied by someone who tested positive for COVID-19, the room will be placed out of service until the case has been confirmed or cleared. If confirmed, the room will be thoroughly sanitized.

Room Service
In-room dining service will be available to guests, and room service menu can be viewed on the television. The room service attendant must deliver and pick up food trays outside of guestrooms while the room door is shut. Proper hand hygiene must be practiced before delivering and after picking up food trays. Room service carts and trays will be cleaned and disinfected after transporting food and used dishes.

Dining Outlets
Hosts and managers will manage physical distancing if guests are unable to be seated upon arrival. Restaurant table and lounge configurations will be adjusted for proper social distancing between parties. Guests are recommended to make restaurant reservations in advance via phone app or to contact guest services.

Fitness Centre and Swimming Pool
In response to current health and safety mandates, Versante Hotel’s fitness centre will be limited to a maximum of two people at any given time. Sanitization wipes will be available in the fitness centre, and signage will encourage guests to wipe down equipment after each use. The swimming pool and hot tub will be limited to two people or a small group within the same family or sharing the same room. A designated time will be assigned to guests by appointment with a maximum of 30 minutes of usage during busy times. Please book an appointment at the front desk.

Catering and Banquets
Hotels are required by law to adhere to the Provincial Health Officer’s prohibition on gatherings of 50 or more people—or the maximum number at any given time. For events and gatherings, attendants will monitor capacities as required. Banquet servers will wear gloves when setting up rooms and table settings, and the gloves will be disposed of upon completion of set-up. Each setting will be provided with hand sanitizing wipes. Buffet and self-serve items will not be available. Individually-plated food and beverage items and prepackaged “grab-and-go” meals will be the only options.

Sales and Conference Services
Meeting room capacities have been adjusted to align with local social distancing guidelines. Revised capacity charts and diagrams are available which take into account physical distancing guidelines for group and catering clients. Site inspections are available by appointment only.

Hotel Shuttle and Valet Services
When providing transportation services, hotel employees will assess the number of people being transported or sharing vehicles and employ measures to ensure that at least 2 metres of distance between people is maintained.

Measures may include the following:
• Seat passengers in such a way that a physical distance of 2 metres is maintained wherever possible. For example, seat passengers in the back row on the side opposite of the driver wherever possible.
• Stagger passengers to allow for fewer vehicle occupants at a time and adjust the number of passengers per trip.
• If possible, use larger vehicles or multiple vehicles.
• All patrons and the driver must wear a non-medical mask to reduce the risk of transmission.

For more information about COVID-19 safety protocols at Versante Hotel, please email